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Our Fees

Integrative charges an annual retainer for the comprehensive financial planning services that it provides. We believe that charging an annual retainer allows us to have the most unbiased and objective relationship with our clients. Our advice and the fees we charge are not tied to the purchase or sale of any products or the implementation of any strategy or recommendations. We do not receive any commissions or referrals fees. We only receive compensation from you, our client.
While there are many fee structures offered by financial service professionals, we believe that there are several key advantages to retainer fee structure including:
  • Our fee structure eliminates as many potential conflicts of interest as possible because our fees are not tied to the components of your net worth or how you use those components;
  • Our fee structure allows us to focus on all aspects of financial planning and not just investments because your fee is not based on the value of your investment assets. Fees based on the value of investment assets inappropriately equate the value of our services to your investments;
  • Our fee structure makes high quality financial planning services available to those who do not have a large amount of investment assets; and
  • Our retainer fee structure will not discourage you from contacting us with questions or information about changes in your personal situation.
In certain circumstances, Integrative offers its services on an hourly fee basis for clients with less complex situations. A written fee estimate is provided after we have assessed the scope of the agreed upon services. An amount equal to a portion of the total fee estimate is requested from new clients prior to the commencement of work.